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We are dedicated to resolving disputes worldwide, catering to a wide range of clients. With our team of experienced mediators, we have successfully served individuals, public institutions, private organizations, and even government entities. Our expertise spans diverse industries, accommodating the unique needs and complexities of small businesses, large corporations, and everything in between.


If you have any questions or are seeking assistance in resolving a dispute, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd be happy to explain our process for accepting cases.

Lead Mediator


Shelly Bennecke offers counsel to experienced executives and global entrepreneurs, drawing from 20+ years in business, civic, and non-profit realms. She's collaborated with Cox Enterprises,, Tesla, Toyota, Ford, Google, and Facebook, to name a few. A Harvard Law PON graduate, she's a certified international mediator by Phoenix Dispute Solutions (PDSL) and an alumna of Oxford Saïd Business School.   Ms. Bennecke distinctions below:

University of Oxford
Harvard Law
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Civil Mediation Council
IMI Certified Mediator Training Program
Judicial Branch of California

Having a Harvard Law Program on Negotiation (PON) certification indicates Ms. Bennecke has completed the course work in negotiation and conflict resolution skills, which can be applied in various fields, including:

  • Business: Negotiating contracts, deals, and mergers.

  • Law: Mediation, arbitration, and negotiations in legal disputes.

  • Education: Facilitating conflict resolution in schools or universities.

  • Government: Negotiating in diplomatic, hostage or political contexts.

In addition, Ms. Bennecke has successfully completed the vigorous PDSL 40-hour mediation training course, which is accredited by the International Mediation Institute, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and the Civil Mediation Council. By completing this course, Ms. Bennecke has fulfilled the education and training requirements of The California Dispute Resolution Programs Act of 1986 (DRPA), as well as satisfied the educational requirements for most California Court Panels.

Ms. Bennecke is an American Bar Association (ABA) card holder.  As an ABA Strategic Partner she belongs to the following ABA Categories:

  • Science & Technology Law Section

  • Dispute Resolution Section

  • Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division

  • Family Law Section

  • Environment, Energy and Resources Section

  • Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development

  • International Law Section

  • State and Local Government Law Section

  • Intellectual Property Law Section

  • Forum on Communications Law

  • Forum on Entertainment and Sports Industry

  • Business Law Section

  • Forum on Air and Space Law

These distinguished certifications demonstrate Ms. Bennecke's commitment, knowledge and expert skills, making her a valuable asset in mediation or negotiation settings.

American Bar Association

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